FNK, the Funk Diva, student of the philosophies of rhythm, soul, and all the grandchildren of gospel and blues. Musician and visual artist, lover of perceptual illusion and the edges of visual representation via the intentional corruption of data.

Self taught DJ, VJ, Glitch Artist, Graphic Artist, Guitarist, Photographer, Videographer, and Woodworker. Resident DJ at LUSH, Ballentine’s Burlesque, HOTHOUSE and Nightingale. Producer of C U T S, DecaDance, Shop Class, and Prairie Fyre. Founder and owner of Future Framing frame shop and Iterate Designs media production, lead organizer and co-curator for Glitch Art is Dead, a featured artist of the Glitch Artists Collective, Resident VJ for Deuces Up and HOTHOUSE, and videographer for the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival. Internationally and locally exhibited. Professional insomniac. $12 or $15 w/ side salad.

Facebook: /efenkay

Insta: @lefnky

Ello: @lefnky